VoIP phone service is an Internet-based voice platform as an alternative to premise based phone systems and offers the capability of voice,  efax, or fax to email service.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly choosing cloud VoIP for their office phone system.  Similar to other areas in  technology, the cloud is an attractive alternative to a premise based phone system depending on the setup and configuration of your office.

In a cloud VoIP deployment, the brains that comprise the phone system are hosted in the cloud.

Computing Solutions Inc. will also provide the equipment needed on site. This may consist of phone handsets, a VoIP router ( configured for your business),  and a reliable broadband Internet connection that will work for your VoIP setup.

Here are some basic advantages besides cost savings over analog lines to go VoIP:

Ease of Use and Fast implementation – We work with multiple VoIP providers and manage the implementation for the hardware and configuration required to set it up. Your option of our remote or onsite service team will take care of the rest for. All you will need to do is enjoy the use of your new phones.

Remote and Multiple Locations – VoIP phone system is located in the cloud and  is easy to connect from anywhere. Multiple locations can operate seamlessly on the same phone system and remote workers are connected exactly as if they were just a cubicle away. No more long distance charges or calling from your cell phone when away from the office.

Internet or other failure? No problem – Cloud VoIP is a great way to ensure that your business stays in business even when an internet failure or  other disasters occurs at your office.  Calls can be directed to other locations, mobile devices, or other phone numbers without any inconvenience to callers.  Remote workers can continue business as usual using their VoIP phones.

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